Friday, May 18, 2007

Book # 1 for the Non-Fiction Challenge

Can you guess what activity I am describing?

Here are the clues:

The English refer to it as "to play away"

The Irish, "to play offsides"

The Japanese, "go off the path"

The French, "aller voir ailleurs" (literally, to go see elsewhere)


The Dutch refer to it as "pinching the cat in the dark"

What on earth am I describing?

Give up???

It's Infidelity, folks!

Book: Hardcover |304 pages | 19 Apr 2007 | The Penguin Press

For those of you who do not wish to read on, I'll understand, but for the rest of you, Pamela Druckerman, former foreign correspondant for the "Wall Street Journal" came upon the idea to write about infidelity when on a trip to Columbia she kept being propositioned by married men all the time. Once she got over her shock and horror, she realized that extra-marital affairs are not frowned upon everywhere in the world and she decided to explore what the rules of infidelity were in different countries resulting in this cracker of a book, "Lust in Translation: The Rules of Infidelity from Tokyo to Tennessee".

T0 make it more interesting and readable, I've decided to share, countrywise,what Druckerman found out about infedilty in her research and trips abroad and how it contrasts with the American view:

Let's start with Finland...

For the whole review please click on "An Anthropologist Wannabe"

Also, this is book # 1 for Joy's Non-Fiction challenge. Four more to go!