Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Luminary Graphics

As many of you know already, I'm going away on vacation to visit family and friends back in India. I know it's not expected, but I do like to take my family little gifts from North America, however, it can be very hard knowing what to buy. Anyway, thanks to last month's "Pages" magazine I think I've found gifts for the literature lovers in my family.

Luminary Grapics has some great bags, cards, magnets, umbrellas, bookmarks etc. with caricatures of famous and well-known writers. I'm sure my aunt will love the bag with the women writers and my dad will not be able to resist the "Shakespeare" coffee mug. My sister, an aspiring writer, will be delighted with the writing journal and how could anyone resist those wonderful and useful bookmarks?


Bhaswati said...

Those would make such neat gifts, Lotus! I love the bookmarks. The journal is pretty, too. I am sure your family will enjoy these thoughtful presents from you :)

Lotus Reads said...

Thanks, Bhaswati!

I think they will - the bookmarks are gorgeous, aren't they? I love the umbrellas too, but I think I would use them more for decorative purposes than for the sun or rain! ;)

Rebecca H. said...

I hope you have a great trip!

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Lotus , I posted before but I do not know what happened to it. I wanted to tell you that the book that she wrote sounds very good and that I would pre-order it if it is on
Remember my dear to tell me when you are leaving.

Lotus Reads said...

Thanks, Dorothy! I don't leave until after the first week of July, but activity on the blog might have to slow down while I prepare for our vacation.

Hello, Beloved!

Your comment wrt Laila Lalami's book did come through (sometimes blogger is a little slow). You can order her book via Amazon or even from her site, or I could send you my copy.

Stefanie said...

Thanks for sharing that link. I think I might need some new bookmarks soon, and even if I don't :)

Have a good trip!

Anonymous said...

what a great site but ... sadly, if you wish to buy something, they do not deliver to Malaysia. thanks for posting this.

Lotus Reads said...

Thanks, Stefanie and Aneeta, yes, those bookmarks are really nice.

Anonymous said...

As I said before, have a good trip.Say Hi to your Hubby and the rest of the family for me. Take care and good reading.

Unknown said...

Wow, that stuff is really cool!

Booklogged said...

Your families going to love their gifts and seeing you. Have a great trip.

Lotus Reads said...

Thanks a lot for the wishes Grumpy, but I still have a couple more posts before I leave! :)

Hi, Angela and Booklogged!

And thanks! ;)

paris parfait said...

These are some great gift ideas! Hope you have a fantastic, safe journey - home and back!

Suzan Abrams, email: said...

Hello Lotus!

Lotus Reads said...

Hello, Susan!

I have missed you!

Susan in Italy said...

What a great idea, and things that are also inspired by your passion, reading. I usually give people food-related things.

Jude said...

What a cool link, Lotus. Thanks for sharing it! Enjoy the holiday.

Sarah said...

Have a super vacation and thank you for visitng my blog

Suzan Abrams, email: said...

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bibliobibuli said...

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if you want to buy contact the company direct and ask them if there are other ways to pay (e.g. by paypal which has v. recently started to accept malaysian cards)

lotus reads - thanks for letting us know of such a lovely website ...

Anonymous said...

sharon: what I know about Pay Pal is this - they've always accepted a malaysian credit card if you want to buy. I'm not sure if what you mean is that they now accept a Malaysian credit card if you want to sell as well.

It made me go and do some research and the position has remained the same.

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Lotus Reads said...

hi, Susan (Italy)

Yes, it's true, isn't it, you want to be able to give people a gift you like, or atleast that's very true for me. Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks, Jude!

I'm stopping in London for a couple of days on my way to India. Would love the names of nice second-hand bookshops. Can you think of something> I'll probably be in the Marble Arch area. Thanks.

Lotus Reads said...

Hello, Sarah! Thank you for your return visit! ;)

hi, Susan! Gosh, yes, receiving something from abroad was always such a thrill, no? I grew up in India and while it was not impossible to receive stuff from abroad by mail, the postal system wasn't always reliable, so we were on tenterhooks until the stuff arrived! If I remember correctly, I don't think we could use credit cards to pay for stuff we wanted - it always had to be ordered by family abroad and then mailed to us. Those were the good old days, huh? I love that you won a dress from New York, it must have been such a thrilling moment to receive it in the mail from 1000's of miles away!!! :)

Hi, Sharon!

You're quite welcome! I'm just glad to have found something unique to take back to my folks. Thank you for stopping by.

Hi, Aneeta!

You know what? I've never used Paypal. So many times I've been tempted to order stuff on eBay but have had to stop myself because they want a paypal account in most cases. Maybe it's time for me to look into having one. Thanks.

Di Mackey said...

Delcious gifts ... I do wish I was family :)

Which part of India is home? Curious I am.

Framed said...

Love this link. I have added it to my favorites. Thanks

Framed said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Suzan Abrams, email: said...

Ahh...yes, Lotus, the curse of technology.
And how quickly we forget the universal classic of the humble banker's applicable in my dad's time and just as valid today all over the world today. lol

Lotus Reads said...

Awww, thanks wandering woman! :) I grew up in Bombay, but ever since my parents moved to Bangalore, I call that city home. Have you visited India?

Thanks, Framed. They are nice, aren't they?

Gee, Susan, I clean forgot about the humble bank draft...thanks for the reminder! (and to think my father was a banker, he'll be most disappointed with me!) :)

Suzan Abrams, email: said...

Shame on you, Lotus. Shame on you indeed. I've so enjoyed this. Ha-Ha!
going to check out dj now.

bibliobibuli said...

i couldn't pay by penpal on a website aneeta and wrote to the company and asked why

they said they did not accept malaysian credit cards

then i heard from someone else that they had just started accepting malaysian cards

and that's all i know about it

a bank draft cuts out the nonsense though, doesn't it