Sunday, May 08, 2005

Welcome to my Library!!!

Just a little cozy home for book lovers and the occasional movie watcher. I might also include music album reviews from time to time. I hope you will stop by often to read my reviews and share your comments. I am not a terribly fast reader; you will find that I average between 3-4 books on a good month. I am also a great fan of audio books. My favorite genres? I would have to say South Asian Literature and Contemporary Fiction. However, I also enjoy History, Neuroscience and Memoirs in small doses. Hope to hear from some of you soon!

I am not how to explain my love for reading; this little extract from Marion Keyes' book "Watermelon", perhaps explains it the best:

"Then we wandered around a bookshop for a while. My
adrenaline started pumping any time I was within about
a hundred yards of a bookshop. I loved books nearly as
much as I loved clothes. And that is saying something.
The feel of books and the smell of them. A bookshop
was like an Aladdin's cave for me. Entire worlds and
lives can be found just behind that glossy cover. All
you had to do was look."

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