Sunday, May 29, 2005

Hangama, हंगामा

The girls and I went to the HANGAMA (हंगामा) STREET FESTIVAL at Dundas Square in Toronto this afternoon. The Festival was organized by the South Asian Heritage Festivaland there was a lot to do and see. They had some wonderful food stalls with excellent bhelpuri and other Bombay street food; another stall was doing brisk business selling dosas (Indian savory crepes) and batter-fried Simla Mirch (yummy) and although I thought it incongruous for a South Asian street fair, they also had a Carribean Stall selling Jerk Chicken!!! :)

Besides the food there were concerts and workshops galore. Whilst there, the girls learned to dance the "Bhangra" and also put henna on both their hands. But the real fun was only just starting as I was getting ready to head home at around 6:00pm. I envy the people there now because they're going to have a neat time with the dazzling entertainment schedule!

Illustrations by Lorraine Alvarez

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