Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Autorickshaw: Four Higher

Four Higher Posted by Hello

I've always been a huge fan of World and Fusion Music, so when Carnatic classical music marries good ol' western Jazz, as it does in Autorickshaw's 'Four Higher' it can't get any better (for me atleast!). Suba Sankaran, the lead singer, is trained both in Jazz and Indian classical music and a lot of the tracks on this album are ragas राग and Vedic chants set to hypnotic pop and jazz beats. The full effect is hypnotic and mesmerizing!!! I especially love the track "Saraswati", which is a prayer to the Hindu Goddess of art, poetry and creative endeavor. Tune in also and listen to Duke Ellington take a rickshaw to his "Caravan", yup, Suba scats with verve to Duke Ellington's "Caravan". Another great track on this album!

The CD comes with an informative booklet and a colorful one too, the latter a takeoff on the exotic art on releases in India, particularly the southern part of the country.