Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's almost time for the Frankfurt Book Fair

Frankfurt Book Fair 2006

( This year the Frankfurt Book Fair will take place from 4 to 8 October)

As all of you who dabble in book fairs will know, the Frankfurt Book Fair is perhaps the granddaddy of all book fairs. Publishers from all over the world rush eagerly to Germany to hawk their latest offerings with India being no exception.

Perhaps in recognition of the thriving publishing industry in India and its contribution to the literary world, the organisers of the Frankfurt Book Fair this year have decided to name India as its "Guest of Honour". According to the "Outlook" magazine, this is the first time any country has been given this honour twice.

If you will go to you will be treated to some really nice e-cards celebrating India's participation. The one I have selected amused me thoroughly because of its "Bollywood" esh-style . It was designed (probably without realizing the mirth with which it would be viewed by yours truly) by German students of the University of Applied Sciences, department design, Wiesbaden. I think it's a really great way to spread the word, so, go on, use them as often as you can!

Some of the Indian authors slated to be present at the fair are: Amitav Ghosh, Pankaj Mishra, Shashi Tharoor, Mahasweta Devi, Altaf Tyrewala, Kiran Desai and many other authors (still to be announced) whose works are considered as milestones of modern Indian literature.


booklogged said...

I think we have just enough time to gather a group and go! I'm just teasing, darn it all. I've attended the little book fairs in Salt Lake City the past 3 years (I think that's as many as there have been). And they were good, so I can't even imagine how wonderful the Frankfurt Book Fair would be. AND what a terrific honor for India. This really would be the year to go, wouldn't it?

Jude said...

Interesting stuff Lotus. Never been myself but maybe one day.

Lotus Reads said...

Yes, booklogged let's go! ;) Atleast you get to do the Salt Lake City bookfair, I haven't even done the one in Toronto (if we have one). I'm told that many of these fairs are for people in the industry only?

Jude Don't worry, I haven't been either. We will have to live vicariously through booklogged for now! :)

Susan Abraham said...

This is wonderful news, Lotus and such a tantalising poster too.
They've certainly got an illustrious list of authors on the ready.